Forno Pizza, Bournemouth

I feel like I’ve been writing all food posts recently, but I’ve been going out to so many nice places to eat and just have to share them with you! I’ll try and do a travel post next time.

Forno Pizza is a sourdough pizza bar which has recently opened on Wimborne Road in Winton, Bournemouth. I have driven and walked past it so many times and every single time I have wanted to go in and try their pizzas. Last Friday evening, I finally got the chance to visit and it was so worth it.

Margarita Pizza (October, 2018)

All of the pizzas are made and cooked fresh and they are so delicious! They all have a sourdough base and are wood-fired which I love. We had a Margarita (boring, I know, but it’s a classic), Jimmy the Greek, Napoli and garlic bread which was called Napalm Bread. They also do dipping sauces for the crusts which were so nice; we had the garlic and herb one but I really want to try the basic aioli.

Jimmy the Greek pizza with Garlic and Herb Crust Dipping Sauce (October, 2018)

The pizzas are very reasonably priced ranging from £5 to £9, so even affordable for students which is perfect. They are quick and easy; we ordered at the bar and then within 15 minutes we had our food. You can sit in the restaurant to eat, which had a really nice and relaxed atmosphere; collect a takeaway; or even get it delivered on Deliveroo. So if you don’t feel like cooking and want a quick, easy and delicious meal then look no further- I already can’t wait to get one of their pizzas again!

If you are interested, have a look at their Instagram and Facebook pages!

Thanks for reading,

Bethan x

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