Ole & Steen, Oxford

I’m back home for the week and that means another food post! I went for a shopping day at the Westgate Centre in Oxford and found this lovely Danish bakery which I couldn’t resist sharing. Most of their bakeries are in Denmark but they have 8 others in London and now one in Oxford. They opened in Oxford just two months ago and this is their first bakery outside of London.

Ole & Steen have a big menu with lots of different sweet and savoury treats. One of my favourite things about them is that they are open until the evening, meaning that you can go there for a coffee in the morning and a wine later on. Perfect!

Food, drinks and bakery menu. (November 2018)

As we were there in the morning, we did stick to the non-alcoholic drinks and I had a peppermint tea. We also tried some of the Cinnamon Social and the Old-Fashioned Social, which is a pastry with vanilla custard and marzipan… a bit like a really nice almond croissant. Both of the pastries were delicious and you do get massive slices.

Our drinks, Cinnamon Social and Old-Fashioned Social. (November 2018)

There is so much choice for food and it’s a difficult decision to make, especially for me as I hate choosing between anything! They had tasters out on the counter and the bread was very tempting. You can either have it in the bakery, with different fillings and toppings such as roast beef or smoked salmon, or you can take a loaf away with you to eat at home. Or, of course, you could do both… I definitely wouldn’t judge you!

The minimalist and relaxing atmosphere makes it easy to socialise, work, drink and eat! (November 2018)

They are open every day of the week from 8am until 9pm and are conveniently located by the bus stop and also near all the shops, which is helpful. It was not overly busy when we were there but it does get busy at the weekend so be prepared! I would definitely say that it’s worth the wait as it’s such a nice place to sit and have coffee (or a wine) and a snack. It has a very chilled atmosphere, the staff are very helpful and the selection of food and drinks is impressive. If any of this interests you then check out their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Thank you for reading!

Bethan x

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