Pots of Sleepy in Lush

Lush’s ‘Sleepy’

Hi!! Sorry that it’s been so long but I’ve been very busy with uni work and haven’t had a chance to write any blog posts. Luckily, I don’t have any assignments left to submit now until after Christmas so, even though I still have lots of work, it hopefully won’t be as stressful. 

When Lush‘s product ‘Sleepy’ first came out, it caused a massive hype as it was deemed to be some sort of miracle worker for sleeping problems. I’ve always struggled with sleeping and have tried everything from lavender sprays to melatonin. So naturally, I just had to get my hands on this magic potion. However, for months it was absolutely impossible to find. As soon as stores got a delivery, it disappeared off the shelves within hours. Eventually, I managed to get myself not one but two pots and I haven’t looked back since.

I’m a massive fan of Lush and I always have been. I have always loved anything that I’ve got from there, from lip scrubs to bath bombs. All of the products are natural and fresh which makes them really good for any skin type while also providing benefits that a lot of other products can’t. In ‘Sleepy’, the combination of oat milk, lavender, cocoa butter, ylang-ylang and tonka makes the lotion unbelievably relaxing. 

I really believe that ‘Sleepy’ is one of the most effective things that I’ve tried to help me sleep. The smell is so, so comforting and honestly reminds me of the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning; I can’t put my finger on why, but it just relaxes my whole body and makes me feel so cosy. While the lotion is quite thick, it has a lovely warming effect when you put it on. I put it on my feet, hands and neck/chest area but it would work wherever. 

Photo of 'Sleepy' Body Lotion
Pot of Lush‘s ‘Sleepy’ Body Lotion (November, 2018)

I couldn’t recommend the product enough and I put it on every night without fail! Recently, Lush have expanded their range by including a ‘Sleepy’ shower gel (both naked and normal) and shower bomb. I haven’t tried these yet but I can’t wait to. I’ve also heard recommendations about using their ‘Twilight’ spray and sparkle jar alongside ‘Sleepy’ as it has a similar scent. 

You can buy ‘Sleepy’ at your nearest Lush store or online. They come in pots of 95g which is £8.75; 215g which is £15.95; and 440g which is £26.95. It may sound expensive but it really is worth it and they last a long time. I’ve had my 215g pot since last Christmas and I haven’t even used half of it. I would also keep an eye out during the Christmas and New Year’s sales as I know that Lush normally have amazing discounts! 

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