Mario Badescu’s Facial Sprays

Hi Everyone! Sorry that it’s been so long… but I’m back now and I’m going to try and post every week, starting today. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas time with your family and friends, and that you’re ready for everything 2019 throws at you!

Although I didn’t do a lot of Black Friday shopping this year, I couldn’t resist Beauty Bay‘s sale. I know it’s been quite a while since October, but I wanted to try out the products before posting about them to make sure that I really did love them. So, I ordered the Mario Badescu drying lotion and facial spray set.

The trio!

I had read lots of good things about the drying lotion and have wanted to give it a go. However, I absolutely fell in love with the facial sprays. The set is called ‘Spritz.Mist.Glow.’ and comes with 118ml bottles of the three different facial sprays. This includes ‘Herbs and Rosewater’; ‘Cucumber and Green Tea’; and ‘Chamomile and Lavender’.

I always use the ‘Cucumber and Green Tea’ spray in the morning

I tend to use the ‘Cucumber and Green Tea’ one in the morning as it is generally refreshing and helps to wake my skin up. All of the sprays have aloe in, which is an ingredient that I love, but it especially complements the cucumber and green tea in this one.

The ‘Herbs and Rosewater’ spray is perfect for a boost throughout the day

I then use the ‘Herbs and Rosewater’ one during the day time and it gives a great boost on the go. It has a really beautiful pink colour and the rose ingredient helps to calm your skin if you have any inflammations. This is also the spray that I use to prep my skin before make-up and to set my make-up after. However, I have found that it isn’t as good as my Urban Decay setting spray (but it is better for your skin, so…).

The ‘Chamomile and Lavender’ spray really helps me get the sleep

Naturally, I use the ‘Chamomile and Lavender’ one before I go to bed. The ingredients in this one are so calming and the smell really helps me to sleep. I always find that I wake up the next morning with refreshed and healthy-looking skin, which is always a great start to the day!

I really, really love these sprays and would definitely recommend them to anyone. I couldn’t imagine my skin routine without them and I will 100% re-purchase after they run out. I have noticed a massive difference in my skin; I feel that it is smoother and more glowing. I have stopped wearing make-up every day, especially when I have uni, so these sprays have really helped me to look after my skin and make it look really good without make-up. They have also helped to keep my skin moistured during the cold weather.

Thanks for reading!!! Look out for my next blog post about my restaurant experiences on my recent trip to Dublin. Let me know what you think in the comments: have you tried these sprays before, or are you considering buying them?

Bethan x

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