Flat Iron, London

Hi everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long (again!) since the last time I posted. Since April, I’ve been so busy with exams, then starting my job for placement and then moving house. Hopefully everything has died down a bit now, so I can get back to posting every week.

The silver lining is that as I’ve been so busy, I’ve got lots to share with you! I really haven’t known where to start, so I thought what better than beginning with last night. Yesterday, I spent the day in London with my family and had a lovely time drinking cocktails and eating lots of nice food (look out for my next blog which will be about the amazing drinks that we had!)

For dinner, my brother (Jacob) and I went to our favourite steak restaurant in London (second only to Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte in Paris): Flat Iron. If you’re looking for a long fancy menu with lots of airs and graces then this probably isn’t for you. However, if you enjoy simple and delicious food then I couldn’t recommend it more.

There are eight branches in London which are all in ideal locations, meaning that you are rarely too far away from one. Previously I had only been to Covent Garden but last night we went to Beak Street, near Regent Street. In both you get the same friendly service and great food, but Covent Garden is bigger and you also get a free salted caramel ice cream when you leave there!

Flat Iron don’t take reservations, so naturally you need to be prepared for a queue. However, good things come to those you wait and once you get in it is worth it! Don’t be put off if you think the queue looks long; the wait is never too long as people are in and out faster than you would expect. There are members of staff who come down the queue taking your details and then let you know when your table is ready. In Covent Garden, you are given a device which buzzes when your table is ready so you can have a mooch around while waiting.

Menu at Flat Iron with steak, sides, sauces and dessert
Menu at Flat Iron

Once sat at your table, you’re given a pot of beef dripping popcorn which is just delicious. Then, it’s time to decide what to order which, trust me, does not take long. If you haven’t already guessed, their steak is the main attraction but there is also a veggie option of roast aubergine. All of the steaks come with a small side salad, and then you can choose what sides and sauces you would like.

Strawberry basil and passionfruit vanilla drinks at restaurant
Strawberry & Basil and Passionfruit & Vanilla Fizz
Steak, chips, salad and sauce at restaurant
Our steaks, chips, salad and sauces

Last night we both had medium rare steaks with chips. I had the bearnaise sauce and Jacob had peppercorn. The steak is cooked perfectly and extremely tender, which is evident when cutting it with your own little flat iron. The chips are crispy and the sauces are delicious… even the side salad is nice! We also had two of the house fizzes to drink; Jacob had strawberry and basil and I had passionfruit and vanilla.

The prices would be reasonable anywhere, but especially considering it is a steak restaurant in central London. The food is incredible, the staff are always friendly and the restaurants have such a great character to them! So, next time you’re in London make sure that you give Flat Iron a go.

Bethan x

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