Luna Drive-In Cinema

With lockdowns and restrictions still going on throughout the UK, we are having to be creative with how we spend time with friends and family. My 21st birthday was at the beginning of July, so as a surprise my mum booked for us to go to the Luna Drive-In Cinema at Blenheim Palace. We watched Dirty Dancing, which my brother, dad and I had never actually seen before! I’m pretty sure, other than us, almost everyone else has seen it, but if you haven’t then you definitely need to; it’s a classic!

We had golden circle tickets which I would recommend as they are only £10 more expensive than the standard car tickets (golden circle tickets are £45 and standard car are £35) and means that you get closer to the screen. It doesn’t make too much of a difference if you can’t get them, as they seem to sell out quickly, but it guarantees a better view. The entry tickets are only for two people plus the car, so you would need to purchase extra occupant tickets at £5 per person if there are more than two of you. We had four people in the car, meaning that two people had to sit in the back. I personally didn’t mind it and could still watch the film absolutely fine but it is something to consider if you are thinking of bringing a car full of people as the back seats don’t always have the same comfort or view as the front seats.

There were lots of food and drink options available. You can add on picnic boxes to your ticket, which you are then given when you arrive, or you can order on an app while you’re there. There was a variety of hot food available on the app, such as hot dogs, pizzas and burgers, and a bar with soft and alcoholic drinks. We took some snacks and drinks with us so didn’t use the app but saw people around us use it and it looked great! You order whatever you fancy on the app, and then someone on an electric scooter delivers it and leaves it on the bonnet of your car for you to collect when they are a safe distance away. There were also toilets available and a number to call if you needed anything in case of an emergency. Overall, it was very well organised and we felt very safe.

We all found it such a fun way to spend time with each other and agreed that we would definitely do it again. Luna is still holding drive-in cinema events around the country and seems to be adding events regularly. There are no longer drive-in events at Blenheim Palace, with the closest location now being Warwick Castle. However, they have recently re-introduced the outdoor cinemas and Blenheim Palace is one of the locations for these. I’ve also seen lots of other companies and local places holding similar events. I would personally recommend Luna as it was really well organised and they have experience with outdoor cinemas but I’m sure that other events are just as fun! Have you been to any outdoor or drive-in cinema events, or anything similar that we should try next? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading,

Bethan x

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